Ambassador Program

We believe that everyone is beautiful and its not what's on the outside but the inside that really matters which is why all of our ambassadors are not just models, more importantly, they are role models.  To join our growing team please submit a resume and cover letter about why you care about conservation and what events, activities, or actions you are planning to lead and why you think you would make a great ambassador for One Ocean Designs. Email: OneOceanDiving.Com Attn: Request for sponsorship/OneOceanDesigns Ambassador Applicant. 


Annika Young,

Annika is One Ocean Diving's newest safety diver in training. She also has done school presentations to hundreds of kids! You can find her on instagram as @nani.moana. The Nani moana sandbar shark leggings feature an image that she took while out diving with the sharks. Annikas favorite quote is 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi.